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Roadmap Description Template

This is the basic structure you should follow when creating your where you describe your team and submitting a new Pull Request in the aragon/nest repository

See the Guide for submitting a new Request for funding for further details on submitting a request for funding

# AraEagles Example Roadmap

### Q1 2018

1. A way to securely generate and store keys at the OS-level, and encrypt them while unused in the safest manner
2. An interface for dapps to send payloads to be signed
3. An interface for dapps to discover if the OS-level provider is available
4. A key chooser, so the user can choose which key should be used to sign

### Q2 2018

1. Support for hardware wallets, at least Ledger and Trezor
2. Support for Linux, macOS and Windows
3. Human-readable transcript of the payloads to be signed, by using [radspec](

### Q3 2018

1. Improve security by using multiple hardening methods for each OS, when available
2. Create a DAO to transition governance of the project to the community, by using Aragon