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New Pull Request Template

This is the basic structure you should follow when submitting a new Pull Request in the aragon/nest repository

See the Guide for submitting a new Request for funding for further details on submitting a request for funding

# Request for Nest membership and funding (#1)

**Team name**: AraEagles

**Proof of concept / research whitepaper**:

**Burn rate**: $10k/month

**Legal structure**: NA / Aragon DAO

**[Team and roadmap](1/files)**

## Proposal

AraEagles is a proposal for the _Eagles on the blockchain_ call for projects, with the intent of implementing a fully ERC721-compliant AragonOS app that tokenizes eagles on the blockchain.

Our approach is novel since we want to implement AraEagles as a parachain by using Polkadot, therefore avoiding the clutter that eagles on the blockchain would produce on the Ethereum blockchain. Our research has shown that without doing our own parachain, we could potentially endanger the Ethereum network.

We are a driven team willing to take on this project and work on it for the next year.