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See the Guide for submitting a proposal for grants for further details on submitting a grant proposal

# Aragon Nest Proposal: Eagles on the blockchain

## Abstract

Eagles are beautiful animals, but as of now they are not represented by tokens, like the kitties are.

This can be solved by CryptoEagles, which enables the trading of virtual eagles you can feed and watch grow. CryptoEagles enhances the Ethereum ecosystem by creating thousands of transactions that will totally collapse it, and it also enhances the Aragon ecosystem by having cute eagles everywhere, some of them which would really resemble Aragon's logo.

## Deliverables

1. An [ERC721]( token interface to represent non-fungible resources (the eagles)
2. A set of AragonOS-compatible smart contracts to feed them with multiple tokens, with the contracts burning them afterwards
3. A web interface to let users interact with the eagles, collect and trade them as they see fit

## Grant size

Funding: from $50k up to $100k in ETH, split into chunks paid out over achieved deliverables.

Success reward: Up to $50k in ANT, given out when all deliverables are ready.

## Application requirements

- Proof of concept of the smart contracts for the ERC721-compatible token. Alternatively, a whitepaper researching the implementation of the whole protocol
- Details of the team members, alongside with their willingness in terms of implication
- Estimated average burn rate for completing the deliverables
- Legal structure to be adopted, if any

## Development timeline

The development timeline will be the following one in regards to each deliverable:

1. Jan 2018
2. Feb 2018
3. Apr 2018

Testnet launch will be expected during March 2018, with mainnet launch being June 2018