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Aragon Nest

A grants program to support the development of the ecosystem.

Aragon Nest is brought to you by your friends at Aragon and Placeholder.

The goal of the program is to attract talent to research and build the necessary tooling for developing solutions around Aragon and Ethereum.

More information

For people looking to get funding for their project

To those working or who want to work on something that may be of interest for providing a grant

How do I find out if my project could be eligible for a grant?

  1. Check the Proposals for grants for existing proposals
  2. If you don’t find anything close to what you’re working on, submit a new proposal for a grant and discuss if we should consider it for a grant
  3. See the Guide for submitting a new request for funding and follow these steps:
    • Fork the Aragon Nest GitHub repository
    • Create a new directory with your project’s name inside the grants/ folder. 
    • Inside that, create two files, and, where you present your team and suggested roadmap
    • Create a Pull Request to merge your submission into the Nest repository. In that Pull Request, be sure to fill in all the relevant info described in the Guide for submitting a new Request for funding

      Proposals should abstractly describe problems or products, not their implementations

I’m working on something that already has an existing proposal

If there’s already an existing proposal for grants that fits into what you’re building, follow the steps mentioned in the Guide for submitting a new request for funding

For people who have an idea that could benefit the ecosystem

How to submit a proposal for a grant?

Engage the community and discuss! The community, Aragon and Placeholder will review the submissions and get back to you