EVM/Solidity Engineer

Senior Solidity/EVM/Ethereum opening at Aragon

We are looking for an Ethereum wizard to work with us on Aragon Core and the upcoming Aragon Network.


  • Expert understanding of Ethereum and the inner workings of the EVM.
  • Provable ability to ship high quality, well crafted code running on Ethereum.
  • Strong unit testing culture.
  • Being passionate about decentralization (having some concerns is totally fine, we all do).
  • Being an autonomous individual with a proactive attitude and a love for time self-management (We are focus-driven work, not hours-driven).

Good to have

  • Interest and knowledge in cryptoeconomics.
  • Experience contributing or managing open source projects.
  • Very good written communication skills.


  • We will reward referrals for successful hires up to 10% of the first yearly salary. This would be done with a vesting type smart contract that would be voided in case the hire leaves the organization.

How to apply

  • Write the code (deployable to the EVM), publish it on GitHub (public or private) and send link to repo plus any information you consider important to [email protected], with the subject Solidity opening application.

  • The code we are looking for could be comformant to the following interface. Feel free to remove/add any functions as you see fit:

// For the sake of simplicity lets assume USD is a ERC20 token
// Also lets assume we can 100% trust the exchange rate oracle
contract PayrollInterface {
  /* OWNER ONLY */
  function addEmployee(address accountAddress, address[] allowedTokens, uint256 initialYearlyUSDSalary);
  function setEmployeeSalary(uint256 employeeId, uint256 yearlyUSDSalary);
  function removeEmployee(uint256 employeeId);

  function addFunds() payable;
  function scapeHatch();
  // function addTokenFunds()? // Use approveAndCall or ERC223 tokenFallback

  function getEmployeeCount() constant returns (uint256);
  function getEmployee(uint256 employeeId) constant returns (address employee); // Return all important info too

  function calculatePayrollBurnrate() constant returns (uint256); // Monthly usd amount spent in salaries
  function calculatePayrollRunway() constant returns (uint256); // Days until the contract can run out of funds

  function determineAllocation(address[] tokens, uint256[] distribution); // only callable once every 6 months
  function payday(); // only callable once a month

  function setExchangeRate(address token, uint256 usdExchangeRate); // uses decimals from token

If you haven't, please read more about our culture, work conditions, etc.