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AGP5 - Migration to Open Source Messaging Platform


AGP: 5
Title: Migration to Open Source Messaging Platform
Author: Tatu Kärki
Type: Governance Enhancement / Communication
Status: Final, v1.1
Created: 2017-10-10
Last updated: 2017-12-19


Migrate the community chat to an open source messaging platform.

Initiate discussion within the Ethereum ecosystem and establish a joint effort with other projects in the space to find an alternative that fit the needs of these cryptocurrency projects.




As Slack was designed for internal use of projects, the tools to run public facing communities are lacking in features that these projects would benefit from having. Migration to a open source project, Rocket.Chat or Riot, will help us manage and govern our communities more efficiently.

Our idea is to fork of the Rocket.Chat Electron app and together in collaboration with other interested projects create a new app for the Ethereum community to have a project selector similar to Slack. The selector could be pre-filled with a list of Ethereum community projects for ease of use. This would help community members by only having one app for the projects that choose to use Rocket.Chat instead of other alternative chat apps and thus bringing the community closer to each other by using a shared tool that can be updated by anyone via Pull Requests to the community driven repository. Projects using this could also pool resources together and support the development of Rocket.Chat, as well as making it more usable.

Initially we would like to hear from other projects in the space to see how much interest there is in such a tool and migration process. Setting up Rocket.Chat requires projects to set up their infrastructure for the service, more information can be found in the Rocket.Chat Documentation and there's an Import tool that can easily migrate your users and channels to Rocket.Chat (but not DM's and private channels).

Riot does not require such efforts as Rocket.Chat, but has the option to run your own infrastructure.

Documents for comparison

Two documents were created so projects can evaluate the features and possibilities provided by the two open source projects, Rocket Chat and Riot.

Read about RocketChat.

Read about Riot.


None right now, version 1.0 is finalized!


Thanks to all the 45 participants who contributed to the discussion.

Big thank you to all the projects that contributed and initially joined in on this migration plan and made it a reality.



Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.