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AGP7 - Merge Aragon HQ and Community meetings


AGP: 7
Title: Merge Aragon HQ and Community meetings
Author: Luis Cuende, Jorge Izquierdo, Tatu Kärki
Type: Governance Enhancement / Communication
Status: Final, v1.0
Created: 2017-11-14
Last updated: -


The tl;dr about the HQ meeting is as follows:

Discussion about the state of Aragon, near future plans and decisions that need to be made. 10 min presentations with slides from team members, in which each one will run through the most important things we have done during the month

Since we're mostly running through slides, it makes sense for all team members to just work on them and publish them online. We can publish them on Mon, and then leave the whole week for the community to review it and prepare questions for the Community meeting on Fri.

Every team member should look at each other's slides and prepare for the call, asking any questions that may have emerged. The community should do the same.

This way, we both save time in meetings, while being even more accountable, since accessing slides would be easier for the community than watching a very long call.



  • Replace most part of the Aragon HQ meeting with publicly-accessible slides
  • Leave all discussion related to the Aragon HQ meeting to the Community meeting, in order to unify them and reduce the time we spend on calls and "office" bureaucracy


Team members will produce a write-up of the most important things they have worked on since last Community Meeting, the problems they have found and what they plan to do in the next weeks (that can be a bit blurry, and that's fine). These write-ups will be published as a blog post for the community to review on Monday before Friday's meeting.

Meeting agenda will be created based on the topics the team members present in their write-ups and discussion entailed around these topics will take place in the meeting. Live chat audience of the meeting is encouraged to participate and comment on the discussion during the meeting.

Following all the other things in the meeting agenda, an AMA (Ask Me Anything) will take place where the team answers questions by the community. The AMA questions can be posted at a dedicated thread on /r/aragonproject.


Should there be a break between discussion and AMA segments.


Thanks to @shylybugs for commenting on the proposal.



Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.