Aragon blog posts 2018


Introducing aragonOS 3.0 alpha, the new operating system for protocols and DApps

Smart contract codebase has been frozen, audit with WHG starts today and announcement for Aragon v0.5 release schedule

The scope of Aragon’s influence has been broadening ever since the team started growing from just myself and Luis to a dozen of brilliant freedom fighters... We’ve gone from it being a nice way to manage a traditional business to a full-stack governance platform for sovereign individuals, organizations, and protocols in the blockchain.

Launch of Aragon Nest

Grants program is open for submissions

At the end of 2017 we presented Aragon Nest to the community and encouraged people to start coming up with ideas for the launch... Now the time has come to launch the program.

Aragon Q4 Transparency Report

A recap of what has been going on with Aragon during Q4 2017

As per our Transparency Model, we do quarterly Transparency Reports of our use of funds and about the overall progress of the project.

Aragon Q4 Development Update

Progress of development from the last quarter of 2017

In the last quarter of 2017 we were heads down developing everything for the version 0.5 release of the Aragon Core app.

Aragon Team Update: December 2017

Written reviews of what the team members have been up to

Team members will produce a write-up of the most important things they have worked on since last Community Meeting, the problems they have found and what they plan to do in the next weeks (that can be a bit blurry, and that’s fine). These write-ups will be published as a blog post for the community to review on Monday before Friday’s meeting.